PETRALANA OPENED! | 17.09.2015

On 10 September a press conference was held to celebrate the completion of construction of one of the most modern mineral wool factories in Europe. The questions of the journalists and the invited guests were answered by the President of the Management Board of Petralana S.A. Mr Tomasz Wesołowski, Director for Communication Dr Sebastian Chachołek and Deputy Mayor of Bytom Mr Andrzej Panek. Apart from the ceremonial ribbon cutting and a visit at the plant, one of the opening elements was placing a time capsule on site of the factory.

During the conference Mr Tomasz Wesołowski, President of the Management Board mentioned that the mineral wool market in Poland is divided between foreign-capital companies, which does not positively contribute the economy of the country. “In the time of globalisation, it is extremely important to invest in local ideas and products. Petralana is going to be the first and the only manufacturer of rock wool financed in 100% by Polish capital. We are a perfect example that a modern company with innovative manufacturing potential may be established in our country. We focus on quality, which will be ensured, among other things, by a manufacturing line which is one of the most modern lines in Europe.”

The region where the factory is located copes with many problems, mainly unemployment. Employing nearly 200 people, the company will surely have an impact on the market. The objective of Petralana is to support the region residents not only by giving them work but also offering other forms of assistance. “We are not building a factory but a brand, and no brand may exist without a trust of its environment. Petralana is a project created by people originating from Bytom. I am convinced that along with mineral wool manufacturing in such a modern factory also the investment importance of the whole region will grow”, says Dr Sebastian Chachołek, Petralana Director for Communication. Apart from the guided tour on site of the newly created factory, one of the elements of the opening was placing a time capsule there. “The time capsule idea is quite popular. We decided to focus on 20 years and after that time the capsule will be opened. The special tube houses the drawings of the little Bytom dwellers presenting their vision of the city after such time. We hope that with the support of the whole company we will be able to fulfil at least some of the children’s dreams, making Bytom a better place”, added Dr Sebastian Chachołek.

We may expect that Petralana will permanently reside in the awareness of the Silesia residents as a place of investment potential related to the region and the country. “For decades heavy‑duty industry, gigantic mines and ironworks predominated in Bytom. Now it is becoming a place where small and medium sized enterprises develop, whereas Petralana opening indicates that we are open for the large ones as well. It is an important step in creating the new economic reality for the Bobrek district residents and for all Bytom dwellers”, said Mr Andrzej Panek, Deputy Mayor of Bytom.

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