PETRALANA S.A. is a company where modern and innovative production potential comes along with a professional and flexible approach and search for new solutions on the market of insulating materials. The idea of building a mineral stone wool production plant was born in response to a growing market demand. We stand out, as quality is definitely our main focus. Competent and experienced staff exercise great effort to offer a product with high quality characteristics. An individual approach to the client’s needs combined with the highest service standards is the guarantee of long-lasting cooperation based on partnership. Moreover, the production process of PETRALANA mineral stone wool ensures environmentally friendly business operation and obtaining products that meet increasingly growing requirements.

Natural and environmentally friendly!

We use only natural, carefully selected raw materials from proven suppliers to produce our mineral stone wool. The basic materials used for production include gabbro and basalt – volcanic rocks whose properties add to unique fire resistance as well as excellent thermal and sound insulating characteristics of the stone wool. This way we create a unique product with exceptional parameters and versatile application. PETRALANA mineral stone wool as a natural product is resistant to atmospheric factors, which guarantees maintaining its insulating properties and remaining intact during many years of its life.


The use of natural raw materials makes the stone wool a natural and environmentally friendly product.


Warm and comfortable!

PETRALANA stone wool is a product with excellent thermal insulating properties. The heat conductivity coefficient is the basic parameter identifying the product quality. The lower its value, the better the thermal insulation of the products. Mineral stone wool as a thermal insulation material perfectly fulfils its basic role – it ensures maximum thermal insulation of buildings. It means, it also maintains appropriate temperature indoors. In summer it prevents excess heating and in winter protects against low temperatures.

Quiet and safe!

Mineral stone wool products have the highest fire resistance class A1, which makes them completely non-flammable and perfect as fire protection insulation. When a fire hazard occurs, mineral stone wool acts as a protection that retards fire spreading. Moreover, at a direct contact with flames it does not generate harmful smoke or burning droplets, which facilitates taking correct fire-fighting measures. Mineral stone wool is the only sound insulation with unique sound absorbing and attenuating properties. They make the insulated venues quiet and calm. Sound insulation contributes to an efficient noise reduction.


Effective and economical!

Using mineral stone wool as thermal, sound or fire insulation contributes to significant savings and environmental protection by reducing consumption of energy and carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere.

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