PETRALIGHT panels in a new size - 1200 x 600 [mm] | 09.03.2023

Petralight - slabs of stone wool for therma, acoustic and fire insulation of buildings. It is an excellent product used in insulation of usable attics, ventilated flat roofs or frame structures including elevations (cassettes, cavity walls, curtain walls, panels, sidings) and timber frame structures. The factor that determines the choice of Petralight wool is perfect acoustic insulation. It's specified by the acoustic absorption index α (AW). It takes values from 0 to 1. One means that the sound has been completely absorbed and zero - that it has been completely reflected. Residents of areas with elevated noise levels will appreciate the comfort that Petralight can give.


The great advantage of Petralight panels is their high elasticity and flexibility, which makes it easier to use and adjust the material to structural elements during application. The new recipe, recently used in the production of Petralight, allows for even greater flexibility and convenience of wool application.


Currently, the boards are produced in a new size of 1200 x 600 [mm], which enables their distribution in a practical and very convenient packaging and easy and ergonomic application of wool in insulated construction spaces.

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