The group of PETRALANA products has been extended with a new excellent PETRATOP-L, which allows for the best insulation of ceilings and basements.


PETRATOP-L are stone wool boards, covered on one side with a glass fiber veil for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation. They perfectly isolate rooms located above unheated garages, basements and passages. Our product is characterized by the A1 class regarding its reaction to fire,  meaning it ensures fire safety and, at the same time, excellent thermal insulation with a thermal conductivity coefficient of λ ≤ 0.034 [W/(m*K)]. What's more, the wool is vapor-permeable, which, with an adequately constructed partition, guarantees optimal comfort of your rooms.


PETRATOP-L is recommended to be mounted to ceilings with the use of dowels, which reduces the time and cost of the installation,  compared to installation with the use of an adhesive for spun wool boards. In combination with PETRATOP panels, our new product’s reduced weight may facilitate the assembly process.


The boards are available in dimensions of 1000x600 and standard thicknesses ranging from 120-250 mm. If you are interested in acquiring other dimensions of the boards, please contact our Regional Sales Managers - the purchase of PETRALANA products is a guarantee of support from our technical consulting department in all situations.

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