PETRALANA supports Polish athletes ! | 26.04.2023

Petralana has been involved in sports from the beginning of its activity. From the beginning of the company's operation, sport has been an integral part of it. The company, together with the Petralana Foundation, supported many of the youngest players. Where, among others, she supported judokas from Grizzly Club or helped to fulfill the dreams of a young motocross and super enduro competitor. The company is still involved in helping the SHARK TOP TEAM club in Bytom, where we help young players develop their passions. PETRALANA S.A. as a company located in Bytom, it also appreciates local teams and in 2022 became the titular sponsor of the table tennis team. TTS Polonia Bytom, or rather Petralana TTS Polonia Bytom, in the 2022/23 season played matches under the banner of PETRALANA S.A. The company also did not forget about other teams, because in cooperation with the bytom coking plant, it was also the main sponsor of Polonia Bytom, but this time a basketball team.

This year, however, is under the sign of hockey. PETRALANA became one of the partners of the Polish Hockey team this year. The company has already supported the senior team of Hockey Polonia Bytom and during PETRALANA's debut in senior hockey games, the company's president, Radosław Tumielewicz, announced support for our national team in this year's championships.


“Due to the presence of our products on many European markets, at the turn of April and May we will also appear at the most important event this year for the senior Polish national team - the World Championships of Division IA in Nottingham - says Radosław Tumielewicz

– We decided to cooperate with the Polish National Team during the World Cup also because our rivals will be the countries where we sell our products. PETRALANA is present on many European markets, also in Italy and Romania - enumerates Radosław Tumielewicz, adding that mineral stone wool from Bytom can also be purchased in Hungary."


The company's logo was placed on the players' shirts and on the boards of the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, UK. Cooperation with the Polish National Team also includes two matches preparing our national team for the World Championships, which took place in Tychy and Bytom. These matches were an opportunity to meet our contractors and have great fun during both of these meetings. The Poles won the game against the higher placed Hungarians in the table. At the match in Tychy we won with the score 4:2 and in Bytom 3:2. Now we are looking forward to the next meeting of our representatives, in which we hope they will also win.


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