The group of roof products has been extended by the PETRASLOPE pitched panels system allowing for any shape of the flat roof profile and thus obtaining slopes optimally draining rainwater into inlets and gutters. The PETRASLOPE pitched panels system solution also guarantees the support of our technical advice department in the development, design and production of tailor-made pitched panels for the individual needs of the roof. PETRASLOPE-W stone wool wedge is a new product facilitating the construction of waterproofing layer on a flat roof in the corners of attics, chimneys, skylights and hatches. The wedges are available in two sizes: 1200x100x100 and 1200x50x50, however, if you are interested in other dimensions, please contact your Regional Sales Managers. One of the solutions guaranteeing the improvement of acoustic insulation of troughed sheet flat roofs is the use of PETRAROOF-FILL trapezoidal blocks. After application in the troughed sheet sections, these products also facilitate the application of the next layer.  The shape and size of PETRAFALL-T blocks are tailored to the individual requirements of our Customers.

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